We provide creative solutions to real world problems through the use of 3D technologies.

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Not only do we provide a full range of 3D measurement solutions, we have also set out to do something different. We are continually pushing the envelope and coming up with new ways to use 3D technology for our customers. We think you’ll agree that we are doing just that. Allow us to introduce you to our services and we will work with you to determine the most productive way to leverage them for your project.

3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud Processing Services

We offer 3D laser scanning and point cloud processing services with a comprehensive selection of deliverable possibilities.

  • Point cloud as a deliverable
  • Point cloud registration
  • Scan data cleanup
  • Scan 2 BIM with Revit®
  • 2D plans, elevations, and sections with AutoCAD®
  • 3D surface models and meshes
  • QA support during construction
  • Marketing visualizations & flythrough animations

And much more! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your next project.


3D Consulting Services

Reality Capture and 3D technology is evolving quickly. Let us use our knowledge and experience to help your company stay ahead of the curve.


3D Strategy & Project Planning

Hardware and Software Selection

3D Workflow Implementation

Customized Training Solutions

Design & Marketing Services

A good marketing plan is essential to thrive in today’s business environment. Let our creative team help your business get the edge on the competition. We offer creative solutions to enhance and build a stronger brand presence.

Social Media Content Marketing

Our creative team are experts in online marketing. Let us help you harness the power of social media to effectively communicate your brand message.

Web Design & Online Media

In today’s digital world, a strong online presence is more important than ever to properly represent your company.

Graphic Design & Print Media

Whether you need a new logo or a direct mail marketing campaign designed, we have the skills to help communicate your brand message.

Market Research & Strategy

Thinking of offering services to a new market sector? Let our team help you discover opportunities through research.


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Workflow Planning

If you are considering adding 3d data capture and processing to your line of services then it makes sense to consult with the professionals. US Laser Scanning is knowledgeable in 3d scanning hardware, software, and workflows.

Training Sessions

We can take our knowledge and experience of 3d data and provide customized training sessions for you and your staff. If you aren’t able to make it to our training facility, we will gladly go to the location of your choice.

3D Laser Scanning Hardware and Data Processing Software

We can provide a hardware and software package to meet your 3d measurement needs. Visit our equipment solutions page to learn more.