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In 2006, when Brent Wassi purchased this building to be the home of The Wassi Group, Inc., a complete and accurate set of as-built documents was non-existent. AutoCAD drawings had been created and updated multiple times over the years, but none that completely and accurately depicted the current state of the building in the level of detail that was desired.

Since ’06 The Wassi Group has grown. There are also several other companies that call this building home. This created a need to perform a measured building survey. This need happened to coincide with the inception of TWG’s newest division, US Laser Scanning. As one of US Laser Scanning’s first projects, this was the perfect opportunity to hone our skills!

First we performed the initial data capture. After all data was downloaded, the registration process began. With the data merged into a single cohesive point cloud we were then able to extract the specific sets of data that were needed to create a set of drawings that were accurate to within 2mm. The point cloud data was used to create AutoCAD floor plans of both levels as well as a detailed facade drawing. Portions of the second level have also been modeled in Revit®.

Below you will find a sampling of the data and final deliverables created for this project. You can also view the entire data set on our WebShare Server. Feel free to have a look!

  • TWG Bldg Facade Point cloud
  • TWG Bldg Facade Point cloud
  • TWG Bulding point cloud
  • TWG Building Facade Ortho CAD Sheet
  • TWG building level 01 slice
  • TWG building level 01 CAD
  • TWG building level 02 point cloud plan view
  • TWG building level 02 CAD

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