UPH-M Facade Closeup

US Laser Scanning worked with a local architectural firm to perform a facade survey of a local medical campus. The architect was beginning the design of a new skin to update and unify the look of the complex. They were in need of an accurate set of documents to perform measurements and plan the layout of the new work. The complexity of the site involved a fairly substantial change in elevation. The project was comprised of several adjoining buildings. Each of the buildings had multiple exterior finishes and construction dates that spanned several decades. These obstacles all added to the difficulty level of performing the survey, while making it a perfect candidate for 3d imaging via laser scanning.

Deliverables for this project indcluded a set of scale orthoimages that were generated from the point cloud. The data that was captured was also populated to our Webshare Server for sharing and collaboration in the cloud. Below is a small selection of images from the project.

  • facade survey closeup
  • Roof Point Cloud
  • Facade Survey Point Cloud 1
  • Facade Survey Point Cloud 3
  • facade survey site plan CAD
  • Facade Survey Orthoimagery

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