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Architecture, Engineering, Construction

Architects, Engineers, and construction professionals can benefit from the time savings generated by utilizing laser scanning in their workflow.

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statue and columns

Historical Preservation

The world of historical preservation and documenting heritage architecture has been reshaped with the mainstream use of 3d laser scanning.

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Highway cloverleaf

Civil and Municipal

There are many civil and municipal applications for laser scanning technology. Whether you are documenting roads and bridges or creating urban planning visualizations, 3d laser scanning can help to save time and cost on your project.

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Water plant piping

Process Plant and Piping

Based on the complexity of their facilities the process plant and piping industries can realize some of the greatest benefits by using 3d laser scanning. It can greatly reduce the time and cost to document the various systems that exist.

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weldor welding


People in the manufacturing and fabrication industries regularly use 3d laser scanning technology. Whether it is to reverse engineer a part or assembly, or to compare fabricated assemblies to their intended designs, there are definite benefits.

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