“If you have questions… We want to provide answers”

Who is US Laser Scanning?

We provide a full line of 3d data capture services. We also offer many types of 2d and 3d deliverables.

  • Registered 3d point clouds
  • BIM and 3d models
  • 2d plans, sections, elevations, and orthoimagery
  • Cloud based 3d viewing and collaboration
  • and more
We are located in The Wassi Group Building, downtown Morton, IL. Feel free to stop by and pay us a visit!
US Laser Scanning, Inc. was launched as a division of The Wassi Group, Inc. in mid-2013. The Wassi Group has been providing CAD and printing services in Central Illinois since 1996.
We are excited about the use and advancement of 3d technologies. After all, we live in a 3d world. Shouldn’t we work that way too? Contact us to further the discussion.

What about your services?

We regularly work throughout the Midwestern United States, but we are willing to travel further if it makes sense for the client and ourselves to do so.
This is going to vary greatly by project and is driven by the types of deliverables required. Other cost factors include traditional survey requirements as well as the number of scans required. Projects are typically estimated on a case by case basis. We would be more than happy to discuss your project and provide an estimate.
Varies by the size and complexity of the project.

The equipment?

This is a complex question. Generally speaking, 3d laser scanning is based on a technology called LiDAR. You can find out more about the technology here. In terms of the scanning procedure, it is pretty straightforward. The unit is placed on a tripod in the area to be scanned. There are appropriate settings on the scanner for various environments. Scans can be initiated directly from the unit or from a wifi connected device. The scanner rotates capturing 360 degree coverage. If necessary, the scanner does another series of rotations to capture color photos.
This can vary greatly. Scans can take anywhere from just a few seconds to over an hour. However, almost all of the scanning we do is in the 5-15 minute range.
Through the use of software, common points are identified between the various scan positions. These common points are used to “register” the scans into a single cohesive “point cloud.”

Still have questions?

A large part of our process is educating people about the uses and benefits of being able to capture reality. If your questions weren't answered here then feel free to reach out to us. We would really like to hear from you!