We are a team of individuals who are passionate about 3D data.

We enjoy finding the most effective way to capture, process and use it. While we like to be on the cutting edge, we recognize the difference between trend and innovation. Instead of just providing laser scanning services and equipment, we set out to do something different by continually pushing the envelope and coming up with new ways to use this exciting technology. We think you'll agree that we are doing just that.

Brent Wassi

Owner & Field Services Coordinator

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Steve Smith

BIM Services Coordinator

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Everett Olds

3D Modeling & Field Services

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Working with us…easy as 1,2,3!

Perhaps the most important phase of a scanning project is planning. It is during this time that our team works closely with yours to decide what your project requirements are. This is when we will determine how and where we are going to provide added value to your project.

Once we have created a "plan of attack" our team of skilled technicians will go to work in the field capturing data and scanning your project. Once we are confident that we have recorded all necessary features we will return to the office and begin for the next stage of the project.

It is during this final stage that everything starts to come together. We will register and georeference all of the individual scans into a single cohesive scan project and then generate 2d and 3d deliverables such as floor plans, elevations, meshes, and BIMs.